Why a Wedding Party Bus is an Absolute Must

The cake is ordered, the guest list is complete, and all the decorations have been ordered. You seem to have everything on your wedding checklist completed, however something might be missing – have you ordered a wedding party bus?

The Benefits of a Wedding Bus Rental

You may be thinking “Why should I rent a bus for my wedding?” The answer is why wouldn’t you? Bus rentals are the ideal thing for a wedding.

With a wedding party bus your bridal party will not have to worry about transportation for the wedding or reception afterwards. Consider the comfort that you and your party will have for the day with a classy bus shuttling you all around.

1Wedding buses are designed to help you achieve your dream wedding, and nothing will make you feel more like a VIP than being able to ride off with your entourage on a luxury wedding party bus rental.

Rental buses come with a variety of amenities. These amenities could include sound systems to play your playlist, refrigerators to keep your beverages cold, restrooms in case of any emergency and many other unique features depending upon the rental company.

Choose to Ride in Style

Nothing says wedding like a limo ride, however limos can be a little cliché. Instead, a bus rental for your celebration will set you apart from others and will exponentially turn up the party level.

Wedding buses are often decked out in extreme fashion so you won’t need to worry about your party style since the bus will practically say it all for you.

Pricing and Booking Tips

Unlike your cake, rental bus prices are not sugar coated. If you want style you need to pay for it and sometimes rental prices can get expensive. Remember though, that this is your special day and you will be more likely remember the amazing time you had rather than the money you spent.

Depending on time and location of your bus rental you should expect to pay $185/hour (and up) for a good bus rental. Most companies also require that you rent the bus for at least 3 to 4 hours minimum. Instead of paying per hour for your bus you should consider contracting one for an entire day this way you get a full day price, which usually works out to be less expensive per hour.

Plan to book your rental at least six months in advance especially in high-demand months, like April to July, as these are prime months for events, especially weddings.

It is wise to meet with the rental company in person and pick out your rental bus on site. This way you know what kind of bus you are getting for the cost, you will also be able to check out the available features on the bus, and you will have reassurance that you are getting your money’s worth.

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How To Set A Wedding Budget?

Wedding can be an expensive affair with an umpteen number of things to be done. Nowadays, a lot of variety and extravaganza is expected and hence the marriage becomes a costly affair. The most expensive proportion of budget lists definitely lies in the catering cost as per number of guests. Marriages involve a number of occasions right from engagement, wedding, reception and honeymoon besides sometimes lavish budget requires wine, dine and dance celebrations in between the functions for their guest. Hence, before finalizing the marriage budget, one can sought help from recently married friends. Starting early and keeping some flexibility is essential to not to miss out on anything and get everything booked without difficulties.

Matching budget to the amount you are willing to spend

The wedding budget is a means of forming a good estimate of financial outgoings for the event. Hence, the real expenses must correlate to budget. A flexibility of 10% in most cases can avoid any kind of disappointments due to excessive aberrations from the budget as the total estimate showcases vividly how much the parties involved are willing to spend. A wedding budget in most cases nowadays is shared between the bride and groom’s family. Sometimes the bride’s family is the sole financier and the groom’s family share only reception and honeymoon cost.


A thorough discussion with regards to finances is essential between the fiancées and also their parents in case they are ready to share a chunk of the budget. The approximate booking cost of the wedding hall, decorations, cake, dresses, food and music can be checked with a number of vendors around the marriage venue which can be compiled in excel for higher clarity. The budget total can be construed later accordingly.

Using special wedding packages

The special wedding packages can also be used to get fairer deals which can cut down the cost to a great extent. This can be done using special party buses which have arrangements for pick up of guests, a large space to accommodate 25-30 guests and also loud music and dance platforms to party all night for fun and also have a differentiated wedding experience. The guests also are welcomed with champagne and unlimited food on the bus. Hence, a person devising a plan for a small get together party before wedding for close friends can opted and insert this reasonable expense which will not bloat the budget.

Making marriages a memorable event

 The whole purpose of spending a bomb amount during weddings is to give a memorable time to both the bride and groom as also for the guest. Even if a low budget, photography and video vendors and DJ Band expenses, wedding rings are categorically a priority for a memorable wedding experience. Other unwanted cost if any can be lowered by lowering the number of guests in some functions, selecting greens instead of costly flowers for decoration requirements, making arrangements for afternoon parties which are comparatively cheaper than night parties and such other ways.


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Best Way To Save On A Wedding Budget: Cut The Guest List

The wedding can be an exorbitant concern for the marriage parties. Sending invitations to a large number of guests is a number one priority in a wedding. However, nowadays the catering costs is skyrocketing and hence a sensible way to cut short the wedding budget is to reconsider the wedding guest lists especially for events like reception in order to fit in the reasonable wedding budget. Thus, such considerations become necessary when the families of the bride and groom need to prepare for a number of marriage events like reception, tea parties, dance parties, engagement, honeymoon and many others.

Dilemma of cutting guests list

 The delight of inviting everyone you know on the special occasion always remains, however practical thinking suggests that this is the most potential reason for over-bloating of the marriage budget. However, choosing the most important among the important ones can be a tedious affair and also leave behind a guilt feeling. The friends list runs the highest in most cases hence; one can skip the old school friends who are never going to meet again.

One must not be discouraged to cut down the distant relatives of the parents in case they are not shelling little or nothing in the wedding budget. Besides, in case required the business coworkers can be given a drop. In some cases, one needs to even give a miss to some people who invited on their wedding day. Hence, this can reduce the number in the wedding guest lists to a great extent and accommodate in a humble wedding budget.

 Advantages of lower guest count

There is more of a financial benefit than emotional when cutting the guest lists. The catering expenses and the number of costly table centerpieces automatically reduce with the lower number of guests. The costly bar and such facilities which could be terribly pinching in case of higher guest number can be comfortably served when the guests are less. Also, selecting a smaller venue is plausible with a masterpiece decoration in the centre of the room that can be eye catchy and equally a budget fit. The fiancée can prepare and flaunt their wedding preparations to their low number of guest members creating a memorable and effective impact in the most peak wedding season. The amount saved can be used for planning a nice honeymoon by the couples as also makes their dream wedding day memories stay alive forever their life.

Making arrangements for the limited guest

A small tea party or wine and dine dance party before the wedding can be organized in a small party bus which will not call for more than 30-50 guests. In case of children in large numbers, a baby sitter can be appointed too when the guest number is slashed to a great extent. Arrangements can also be extended to the guests like providing guest rooms for the people coming from a distance. Divulging a proper wedding schedule itinerary and offering small wedding party favors are all plausible when the wedding guest lists is small and manageable in the budget.

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Budget Tip: Make Your Own Wedding Party Favors

The wedding day can be made more memorable for the guests by offering them special wedding party favors to appreciate their presence on the occasion. The wedding planning and budgeting can be over-bloated and hence thinking of inexpensive ideas for wedding favors becomes essential in order to fit within a reasonable budget. The wedding guests list already being truncated for budget concerns, the wedding favors and such ideas sound feasible and also creative which can be cherished by the close friends and relatives.

The token of appreciation

4The wedding bells can coax the bride and grooms to be creative when thinking for cheap yet useful things as wedding favors. The most common approach is to use chocolates which can be used by the guest the moment they are out on their way home after a busy long wedding. Another way is to thank the guests while they are sitting on the allotted table by placing a flower like rose with thanks for coming note attached to it. The tasty dinner and lunch with a number of cuisines catered to the guests definitely leaves them full and satiated, hence the favors are special surprises which they will appreciate and also leave a smile on their faces.

Keep the budget in mind

Idea is to keep the whole wedding favor affair a low key one in financial terms. Spending too much on such knickknacks is not a priority as this is not a compulsory facet of a marriage. Sharing the engagement pictures or the fancy pre wedding pictures can be a superb delight for the guest who will look forward to seeing the marriage pictures of the gorgeous couple. This will act like a reminder of the big day whenever they see the picture. Also, sending some love bytes on a Burnt CD can be mesmerizing idea as this can be immediately used by the tired guest on their way back home in their car stereos. Also, things like fans with a thank you note work well and are highly appreciated in a summer wedding especially in case an outdoor venue is chosen. Thus, such spontaneous creativity is demanded to tone down the budget and also create a nice impression in front of the guest audience.

Things that can touch the hearts

Also, a final note card with a special remark that a donation has been made on behalf of the guest on this special day definitely is a kind thank you note and the best wedding favor. Making some special homemade variety delicacies like orange jellies, or Easter chocolates and offering them with flags or in special wrapping packages with a thank you note can be some very touching gifting techniques with a touch of love.

You can come up with your own ideas for the next wedding event. All you have to do is be creative! You can even invite your relatives or family members for help, this can be a memorable event in life that everyone will remember for years together.

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How To Save Money On Wedding Caterers

To treat the guests at wedding is a vital step but significant as it represents 30% of the total budget. Then to make some savings without thereby diluting the quality of your reception, here are a few tips chic and shock to get married in peace.

The right plugs

Do not hesitate to check with various caterers to know their rates. Opt for one that allows you to bring your own drinks and that does not take right plugs. This can be a real saving for your wedding. You only have to negotiate directly with the producers of wines and champagnes.

Champagne: The Home Made

Big trend of the moment: promote home-made to reduce your expenses. Select your products and cook all your meals yourself. But this has a small drawback. It will take away your time. So do not hesitate to take help from your friends and family and call many small hands. You can, for example, and simply make your wine reception parts for your convenience.

The Cocktail Reception


Turn your often very long wedding evening buffet meal. This will limit the cost of service, rental of tables and dishes. Have fun around a specific theme: Alice in Wonderland, rustic wedding, retro theme. Add to Facebook and sweet and savoury hot animations to satisfy the taste buds of your guests. Provide high bar and high chairs. And do not forget the children and the older people in setting up their table and comfortable chairs. Appetizers are served on board and run all evening. It is a formula that allows a lot of variety and a certain sophistication. Depending on the chosen dish, it will be possible to save on rentals and service personnel.

Again, set a budget per person and choose the menu with the caterer. This form of reception allows great friendliness (guests are not sitting at the same table all evening, they move freely and meetings multiply). It is good to wear comfortable corners where they can sit a while and high tables (cocktail type) to deposit their glasses.

Cocktail buffet supper: A catering close to your reception hall

Choose your wedding caterers close to your reception hall. This trick will allow you to reduce the cost of delivery. Also remember to find a room that rents the dishes. The owner should you hire an unbeatable price.

Disposable tableware

Break the conventions: use of the pretty disposable dishes for your meal. Stroll the rays decorations shops you find your happiness. There is a wide choice that will match your desires and to the standing of your wedding.

Take care of the installation: Tablecloths, flowers, Tables

Personalize your maximum decoration by installing your own tables. Take the opportunity to ask your family or friends a hand during the installation. Everything you do yourself will be deducted from the price of the catering service. Have fun choosing wedding caterersand also set up your tables, your decoration and your flower arrangements.

Table decoration

With all these small gestures you can make great savings. Good luck for your nice preparations

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